RIEGL Featured with Diamond Aircraft in the News

For nearly 15 years, RIEGL and Diamond Aircraft have established a fruitful relationship, ensuring success for both companies and their esteemed customers by providing a high-performance turnkey airborne mapping system.

When RIEGL launched the innovative RIEGL LMS-Q560, a connection with Diamond Aircraft was inevitable as Diamond Aircraft had launched an innovative new product as well, the DA42 MPP, a special version of the plane for professional tasks in surveying and remote sensing. It was only right to bring both the RIEGL LMS-Q560 and the DA42 together, into the market, as a fully integrated turnkey solution.

In 2007, RIEGL ordered and received itself the first fully equipped DA42 MPP for using it as RIEGL’s own company test aircraft. With over a thousand successful airborne tests completed to date, the RIEGL DA42 MPP contributes to the global success of RIEGL’s airborne laser scanners and systems by ensuring that RIEGL provides customers with world-class LiDAR equipment.

Today, Diamond Aircraft further proves their innovation with the launch of the DA62 SurveyStar, and RIEGL is proud to contribute to the DA62 SurveyStar with state-of-the-art LiDAR equipment for airborne laser scanning.  

The RIEGL VQ-780 II Airborne Laser Scanner for wide area mapping and the RIEGL VQ-1560 II Dual Channel Airborne Scanning System for ultra-wide area mapping are offered as LiDAR equipment on the DA62 SurveyStar.

Now, the first DA62 SurveyStar with RIEGL LiDAR equipment has been delivered to the German company GeoFly. This one is equipped with a RIEGL VQ-780 II mounted on the Universal Nose mount. Click the links below to read more about RIEGL‘s recent feature with Diamond Aircraft Industries and the delivery of the first DA62 SurveyStar to GeoFly.

First DA62 SurveyStar delivered to Launch Customer GeoFly

First DA62 SurveyStar Delivered

For a feature article in German, click here.

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