NASA Goddard G-LiHT: Images and Articles


Editor Note: These articles have been provided to us here at RIEGL by NASA Goddard, who are currently utilizing the VQ-480 in their G-LiHT (Goddard’s LiDAR, Hyperspectral, and Thermal) airborne imager.

Please note that “references to any specific commercial products, processes or services or the use of any trade, firm or corporation name are for the information and convenience of the reader and do not constitute endorsement, recommendation or favoring by the US government or National Aeronautics and Space Administration”.


NASA Goddard has collected about 1000 hours of science data from Alaska to the Yucatan in the past 5 years, and open access data products are distributed through the G-LiHT webpage ( and G-LiHT map-based user interface (  G-LiHT research projects include: 1) estimation of forest biomass and carbon stocks in CONUS & Mexico; 2) inventory of forests in interior Alaska; 3) earlier detection of forest insect & disease outbreaks; 4) nutrient & land-use interactions in tropical forests; and 5) cross-calibration of NASA Earth Observing Satellites.

Enjoy these articles and seeing how NASA is utilizing LiDAR!


“Shining a G-LiHT on an Alaskan Forest”

“Taking the Measure of a Remote Slice of Alaskan Forest”

“NASA Goddard Technology Helps Fight Forest Pests”

“How a Flying Laser Built a 3-D Map of a Massive Alaskan Forest”

“NASA-USFS Survey of Interior Alaska Forests”

“G-LiHT: Off to a Flying Start”

“G-LiHT: Connecting the Dots”

“G-LiHT: A View From Above”

“NASA in Alaska 2014: A Frozen Fieldtrip from Fairbanks”

“A Closer Look at Alaska’s Forests”

“Eye Exam for a Satellite”]


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