Great Day Flying with Riegl’s RiCOPTER with VUX-SYS Ready to Fly Remotely Piloted Airborne Laser Scanning System (LIDAR)

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November 21, 2016


Robert McChesney

What a great day at Tangerine Field in Apopka home of the Remote Control Association of Central Florida (RCACF).  What a beautiful facility and perfect to fly the amazing RIEGL RiCopter and perform its operational capabilities.  The RIEGL VUX-SYS is a complete miniaturized airborne laser scanning system solution of low weight and compact size for flexible use in UAS/UAV/RPAS, helicopter, gyrocopter and ultra-light aircraft installations. The system consists of the RIEGL VUX-1UAV laser scanner, an IMU/GNSS system, a control unit and up to 4 optional cameras.  Thanks to CEO Jim Van Rens and the RIEGL Team.

Original article here

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