Riegl USA Scanner Operation and Post Processing Training

Riegl USA offers in-depth training sessions for companies looking to learn how to get the most of their new scanner or just wanting to use their old scanner for a new application. Riegl USA’s manager of processing software, Jennifer Triana covers a broad spectrum of topics that has successfully prepared dozens of companies to use their Riegl scanner and post-process their projects. A typical training session includes all of the following.

Scanner Training

During scanning operation training, students learn everything from the laser technology to scanning procedures.  The first two days include a great deal of material, which is put into practice during the last half of the training.

Day One

  • Product background information
  • Safety
  • Commonly used terminology
  • Synergy with Photogrammetry and scanning operations considerations
  • Software installation
  • Equipment parts
  • Set up
  • Field strategies
  • Scanning workflow
  • Target placement and positioning

Everything taught during the first day or training is practiced inside the training facility, so that trainees can concentrate on learning the software and the scanning options.

Day Two

The emphasis on the first half of day two is on control (GPS points) placement and registration to global coordinates. The rest of the day is spent on post processing. The syllabus for day two includes the following:

  • Image adjustment
  • Multiple registration methods
  • RiSCAN pro processing
  • Transit to CAD environment

Topics covered in software training

  • How to extract point cloud areas from multiple positions
  • Filter, mesh, texture, smooth and export data
  • Other types of software specific to application

Average amount of time spent in classroom
3-4 days (1 full day of training = approximately 8 hours)
Average amount of time spent in the field/using scanner
1-2 days

The types of projects that are used for practice depend on the customer’s applications, but we work with multiple sample projects from actual customers.

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