Riegl USA Hosting Webinar this Fall

Riegl USA Hosting VZ-400 Webinar: The power to discover

 For survey and civil engineering firms interested in investigating the 3D laser scanning market the Riegl VZ400 is an instrument that they must review carefully. The reason for this is the unprecedented speed and range of the instrument combined with the externally mounted photogrammetric cameras.

 The speed of the VZ400 is a critical component for surveyors that want to be competitive in the 3D scanning market.  The peak pulse repletion rate of the scanner is 300,000 measurements per second.  The effective measurement rate of 125,000 measurements per second is typically 15 times faster than they typical “survey” 3D scanner.  SO if you think about the amount of time that it takes to set up take a scan and move to the next position for a Civil Engineering project this speed determines that difference between success and project completion or explaining to your client why you are late again.

 The second principal aspect is the externally mounted Nikon camera.  The camera is calibrated photogrammetrically, allows you to adjust for varying light conditions and its output provides the engineering client with the ability to go to the field and to see “real” conditions from a 12 mega pixel image and not a false color point cloud.  The ability of the post processors to bring this image correctly referenced to the Lidar data is the difference between success and failure in the post processing area as well.

 While many surveyors have a desire for “brand” loyalty is clear that those brands only leave the surveyor ill equipped to meet the fast paced needs of his clients.


Target audience: Civil Engineers and Surveyors


Speaker Information

Jim van Rens

President, Riegl USA, Inc.

7035 Grand National Drive Ste. 100

Orlando, FL 32819




 Jim van Rens has been with Riegl USA INC for over a decade. In 1997 he came onboard as Vice President; this year, after organization changes, he stepped up to the position as Riegl USA’s new President. van Rens has over 15 years of experience in the laser industry and over 20 years of successful sales and marketing experience.

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