Accuracy – Efficiency – Consistency. Requirements for Today’s Best LiDAR Sensors

Figure 1: RIEGL LiDAR sensor mounted on the front of the Eurocopter for acquisition during a project at the base of Mount Everest.

LiDAR News published an article today featuring an interview with NV5 Geospatial, a leading provider of cutting-edge engineering and consulting services related to energy generation, transmission, distribution, and construction with many RIEGL sensors and systems. NV5 is utilizing RIEGL LiDAR through many avenues of data acquisition, with their fleet containing: VQ-1560 II-S & VQ-780 II-S airborne laser scanners, VUX series unmanned laser scanners, a RIEGL VMX-2HA Mobile Mapping System, and a VQ-880-G II for bathymetric operations. They also incorporate RIEGL post processing software into their suite of solutions.

Figure 2: A cross-section of the segmented vegetation from a project in Yosemite clearly illustrating the structural detail found in the tree canopy from top to natural ground.

Learn more in the article link below about how NV5 has seamlessly integrated RIEGL hardware and software into their workflows, with some very impressive project examples such as: working with researchers at the Forest Resilience Laboratory and the University of Washington, Seattle, and the US Geological Survey to capture a high-resolution elevation model of Yosemite National Park in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, a project with the National Geographic Society to create a point-in-time detailed 3D model of the Khumbu Glacier at the base of Mount Everest to fuel scientific analysis on climate change and the impacts on the water supply for millions of people, and a project for the National Geographic Channel in the dense jungles of Nepal where the data was used by archaeologists and led to the discovery of previously unknown settlements in Northern Colombia and also incorporated into the series “Lost Cities with Albert Lin”.

Read the full article: Accuracy – Efficiency – Consistency. Requirements for Today’s Best Lidar Sensors – LiDAR News

About RIEGL:

RIEGL is an international leading provider of cutting-edge technology in airborne, mobile, terrestrial, industrial and unmanned laser scanning solutions for applications in surveying.

RIEGL has been producing LiDAR systems commercially for over 40 years and focuses on pulsed time-of-flight laser radar technology in multiple wavelengths.

RIEGL’s core Smart-Waveform technologies provide pure digital LiDAR signal processing, unique methodologies for resolving range ambiguities, multiple targets per laser shots, optimum distribution of measurements, calibrated amplitudes and reflectance estimates, as well as the seamless integration and calibration of systems.

RIEGL’s Ultimate LiDARTM 3D scanners offer a wide array of performance characteristics and serve as a platform for continuing Innovation in 3D for the LiDAR industry.

From the first inquiry, to purchase and integration of the system, as well as training and support, RIEGL maintains an outstanding history of reliability and support to their customers.

Worldwide sales, training, support and services are delivered from RIEGL’s headquarters in Austria and in the USA; main offices in, Japan, China, Australia, Canada and the UK; and a worldwide network of representatives.

About NV5 Geospatial: 

NV5 is a provider of technology, conformity assessment, and consulting solutions for public and private sector clients supporting infrastructure, utility, and building assets and systems.  NV5 primarily focuses on six business verticals: Testing, Inspection & Consulting; Infrastructure; Utility Services; Environmental Health Sciences; Buildings & Owner Representative; and Geospatial Technology.

With more than 100 offices nationwide and abroad, NV5 helps clients plan, design, build, test, certify, and operate projects that improve the communities where we live and work.

As engineers, inspectors, program managers, and environmental professionals, we play a significant role in shaping our communities through the services we provide. From certifying and designing the water systems we rely on; streets and bridges our kids use to get to school; buildings and resorts we enjoy; and the electricity/gas we use to power our homes and businesses, to testing materials used in high-rise buildings and responding to environmental disasters, our everyday decisions make lasting impacts. NV5 takes pride in helping our clients develop and deliver cost-effective, sustainable projects that improve lives in our communities. Our combined capabilities bring effective solutions to complex issues.

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