Geo Week News Webinar – From Ground to Sky: Exploring UAV Innovations in Surveying

Join My-Linh Truong, RIEGL USA’s Division Manager of Unmanned Laser Scanning for the Panel Discussion: “From Ground to Sky: Exploring UAV Innovations in Surveying” on August 24th, 2023, from 1:00PM – 2:00PM (EDT).

Webinar Description:

In this webinar, we will delve into the cutting-edge advancements in UAVs and their game-changing impact on the field of surveying. UAVs have revolutionized the way we gather geospatial data, enabling us to capture precise and comprehensive information from vantage points previously inaccessible. This webinar will take you on a journey through the latest innovations in UAV technology.

Industry leaders in the field of UAV surveying will provide valuable insights into the state-of-the-art tools and techniques that have emerged, empowering professionals to collect data more efficiently, accurately, and at an unprecedented scale. From high-resolution aerial imaging to LiDAR-based mapping, we will explore the diverse range of applications where UAVs have become an indispensable asset.

Panelists will highlight how UAVs have streamlined traditional surveying workflows, saving time, reducing costs, and enhancing overall project outcomes. They will also discuss the challenges faced and the best practices for leveraging UAVs effectively in surveying projects.

Whether you are a survey professional seeking to stay up to date with the latest innovations or an industry enthusiast intrigued by the transformative power of UAVs, this webinar is a must-attend. Expand your knowledge, gain valuable insights, and discover how UAV innovations are reshaping the future of surveying.

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From Ground to Sky: Exploring UAV Innovations in Surveying | Geo Week News | Lidar, 3D, and more tools at the intersection of geospatial technology and the built world

About RIEGL:

RIEGL is an international leading provider of cutting-edge technology in airborne, mobile, terrestrial, industrial and unmanned laser scanning solutions for applications in surveying.

RIEGL has been producing LiDAR systems commercially for over 40 years and focuses on pulsed time-of-flight laser radar technology in multiple wavelengths.

RIEGL’s core Smart-Waveform technologies provide pure digital LiDAR signal processing, unique methodologies for resolving range ambiguities, multiple targets per laser shots, optimum distribution of measurements, calibrated amplitudes and reflectance estimates, as well as the seamless integration and calibration of systems.

RIEGL’s Ultimate LiDARTM 3D scanners offer a wide array of performance characteristics and serve as a platform for continuing Innovation in 3D for the LiDAR industry.

From the first inquiry, to purchase and integration of the system, as well as training and support, RIEGL maintains an outstanding history of reliability and support to their customers.

Worldwide sales, training, support and services are delivered from RIEGL’s headquarters in Austria and in the USA; main offices in, Japan, China, Australia, Canada and the UK; and a worldwide network of representatives.