NEW RIEGL VZ-600i: Case study in Piazza Prato della Valle – Padua

RIEGL distribution partner for Italy, Microgeo srl, recently published the results of a case study project scanning Piazza Prato della Valle in Padua. Find here the translation of their original article published in Italian.

The new VZ-600i terrestrial laser scanner from RIEGL is the protagonist of the first case study in Italy set in Padua, specifically in Piazza Prato della Valle.

Why Prato della Valle? It is one of the largest squares in Europe and provided an opportunity to test the different features of the VZ-600i at different scales, especially the urban ones. Scans from this terrestrial scanner were combined with scans acquired from a RIEGL VMQ-1HA Mobile Mapping System. Prato della valle is configured as a large urban area of about 90,000 square meters, characterized by a central green island and surrounded by historic buildings with the presence of numerous statues inside. This was an ideal location for this case study due to:

  1. A wide outdoor area
  2. Limited number of geometries useful for alignment in the central part of the square
  3. Quality verification of data purchased at different scales (urban, architectural, decorative)

What sets the new RIEGL VZ-600i a step above the rest?

High productivity recording the acquired scans on board, superior performance capable of being able to perform a 30-second scan with a resolution of 6mm at 10 meters away, extreme versatility thanks to its reduced weight of only 6 kg, three internal cameras that allow you to take pictures during scans for optimal color of the point cloud, and the possibility of use in kinematic mode. RIEGL is currently the only company in the world that enables the use of a terrestrial laser scanner in kinematic mode with the implementation of a software update.

During this study carried out in Padua, the optimal mode being tested was called “Panorama6mm”. This scan pattern allows 6mm at 10 meters providing up to 480 scanning stations in 8 hours of work. See chart below:

In the image below, you can see VZ-600i data acquired during a one-minute scan – scans, images and all position and altitude information (in combination with a GNSS RTK):

Moreover, the unique alignment of the scans makes it possible to view directly from a smartphone and see the status of the registration of the scans performed over time:

Thanks to the superior performance of the new RIEGL VZ-600i in terms of quality and productivity, it is possible to perform a scanning strategy with stop & go mode every 5-10 meters and preferably with closed chains of scans. This way you can obtain a higher cloud density and a reduction in shadow areas in the same time as a traditional laser scanner. Open scan chains can be recorded on scan positions used as “anchor points”. Of course, it is always possible to block scans on targets of known coordinates.

During the case study in Piazza Prato della Valle, in just 6 hours of scanning it was possible to carry out 375 workstations with an average per single scan of less than 1 minute, as can be seen from the graph below.

The below image shows a resampled point cloud where the visualization of the same in solid mode is obtained through the calculation of the normals of the point.

The next image shows a cross section of a tank, plant and section, where the accuracy and detail of the VZ-600i combines a high level of resolution and quality with a maximum range of 1km.

A further demonstration of the superior performance of this terrestrial laser scanner can be appreciated from the image below, where you can see the standard deviation of a portion of the scanned wall – red rectangle – which points have an error of only 2mm compared to an interpolation plane taken on the plastered façade. This denotes the high precision of the data scanned by the VZ-600i.

The three integrated cameras of 12 mp each guarantee a high photographic detail that can be combined with the point cloud. The HDR mode and the possibility of being able to vary the shooting parameters (ISO, Exposure Time) allow the user to guarantee the best possible shooting exposure. RIEGL‘s calibration of the three cameras with respect to the scanning position ensures perfect alignment between the images and the point cloud.

An example of the automatic colored point cloud:

Orthophoto detail of the scanned wall:

Finally, thanks to the collaboration with GRS srl – Geodesia Restitution Studies – the scans performed in kinematic mode with the VZ-600i are combined with the data acquired with the RIEGL VMQ-1HA mobile mapping system. This integration allowed for an even larger scanned area that can be detected quickly only with a moving scanning system.

Data acquired in kinematic mode:

Combined data with Terrestrial + Kinematic Laser Scanner:

This experience with the new RIEGL VZ-600i has allowed Microgeo srl to appreciate the extraordinary performance of this product that stands as the first true universal Laser Scanner, capable of carrying out important activities in any context and the ideal solution for the uncompromising customer.

To read the original article in Italian, click here:

More details on the RIEGL VZ-600i 3D Terrestrial Laser scanner are available here:

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