RIEGL OEM Partner Phoenix LiDAR Systems is the first to secure the purchase of the NEW VUX-160²³

With INTERGEO 2022 underway, RIEGL launched several new innovative products this year, including the brand new VUX-16023

My-Linh Truong-Division Manager for Unmanned Laser Scanning at RIEGL USA, Rob Dannenberg- Chief Operating Officer for Phoenix LiDAR Systems, and Johannes Riegl, Jr.-President of RIEGL USA

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Winter Garden, FL) Oct. 18, 2022      

Phoenix LiDAR Systems has secured the world’s first purchase of the brand new RIEGL VUX-16023 Unmanned Laser Scanners to add to their portfolio of RIEGL sensors. A RIEGL partner since the introduction of the VUX-series, Phoenix consistently integrates RIEGL sensors into their most powerful LiDAR payloads to offer customers a balance of data accuracy, lower weight, and overall budget. As pioneers in the UAV LiDAR industry, Phoenix continues to stay ahead of the curve by selecting the latest and most advanced technology.

“RIEGL USA is a key partner for us, and we are excited to offer the Ranger Ultra +, featuring the RIEGL VUX-16023 right in time for our 10-year anniversary.” – Rob Dannenberg, Chief Operating Officer of Phoenix LiDAR Systems

About the VUX-16023


The NEW RIEGL VUX-16023 is a lightweight and versatile airborne laser scanner offering a wide field of view of 100 degrees and an extremely high pulse repetition rate of up to 2.4MHz, and is regarded as performing even better than the widely adopted sister type VUX-120, making it perfectly suited for high point density corridor mapping applications.

The RIEGL VUX-16023 features a unique and sophisticated scanning scheme, the so called NFB (or Nadir-Forward-Backward scanning) offers a nadir, 10 degree forward, and -10 degree-backward looking capability. This innovative scan pattern allows data acquisition with an unrivaled completeness in data capture, especially in challenging environments with vertical surfaces and narrow canyons.

The sophisticated design of the RIEGL VUX-16023 allows smooth integration on UAS/UAV/RPAS, small, manned airplanes (like gyrocopters), but also on helicopters. It is offered both, as a stand-alone UAV LiDAR sensor and also in various fully integrated UAV-based laser scanning system configurations with appropriate INS/GNSS system and optional up-to five cameras. This allows the scanner to perfectly meet all the specific requirements of the customers applications.

“The growth of commercial UAV usage continues to increase on an exponential scale,” says My-Linh Truong, Division Manager for Unmanned Laser Scanning at RIEGL USA. “RIEGL’s partnership with Phoenix LiDAR Systems will continue to foster as our collaboration will further penetrate the marketplace for adoption of high-performance LiDAR operation on a wider scale.”

RIEGL is proud to maintain a thriving partnership with Phoenix and continue to move the needle forward. As a leader within the industry, RIEGL has been producing LiDAR systems commercially for over 40 years and have become a benchmark in the industry. High attention to quality, service, and customer satisfaction maintains an outstanding history of reliability and support to customers and partners alike. RIEGL graciously acknowledges the trust Phoenix has in RIEGL LiDAR and is confident that their new RIEGL sensors will provide extremely high productivity and competitive advantages for continued innovation.

Make sure to visit the RIEGL and Phoenix booths at INTERGEO 2022 in Essen, Germany. RIEGL booth D3.110 in Hall 3 and the Phoenix booth F3.122 in Hall 3.


RIEGL is an international leading provider of cutting-edge technology in airborne, mobile, terrestrial, industrial and unmanned laser scanning solutions for applications in surveying.

RIEGL has been producing LiDAR systems commercially for over 40 years and focuses on pulsed time-of-flight laser radar technology in multiple wavelengths.

RIEGL’s core Smart-Waveform technologies provide pure digital LiDAR signal processing, unique methodologies for resolving range ambiguities, multiple targets per laser shots, optimum distribution of measurements, calibrated amplitudes and reflectance estimates, as well as the seamless integration and calibration of systems.

RIEGL’s Ultimate LiDARTM 3D scanners offer a wide array of performance characteristics and serve as a platform for continuing Innovation in 3D for the LiDAR industry.

From the first inquiry, to purchase and integration of the system, as well as training and support, RIEGL maintains an outstanding history of reliability and support to their customers.

Worldwide sales, training, support and services are delivered from RIEGL’s headquarters in Austria and in the USA; main offices in, Japan, China, Australia, Canada and the UK; and a worldwide network of representatives.



About Phoenix LiDAR Systems:

Phoenix LiDAR offers a wide range of custom, survey-grade LiDAR mapping systems, such as the Recon, Scout, miniRANGER, Pioneer and the RANGER series. The Recon and Scout series are entry-level systems that enable clients to use LiDAR to penetrate vegetation, map smaller areas and inspect basic infrastructure. The miniRANGER is a mid-range system that can tackle more demanding conditions, with the miniRANGER featuring the RIEGL miniVUX.

The most accurate system providing the highest point density offered by Phoenix LiDAR Systems is the RANGER series, which features variations of the RIEGL VUX, along with Phoenix’s hardware and software. This system can be customized with a host of accessories and cameras, hyperspectral and thermal, to name a few, and is their most flexible system: compatible with aircraft, UAV/drones, vehicles, vessels, and even backpack mounts.

In addition to these custom LiDAR systems, Phoenix training helps clients understand every aspect of their investment. Training includes pilot training, mission planning, LiDAR acquisition and post-processing. Combined with Phoenix’s best-in-class customer support, Phoenix clients have access to all the tools needed to serve their clients, in turn.

The Phoenix team has found that, because LiDAR technology is relatively new, one of the most rewarding aspects of working with it is to see companies succeed in the field after only having recently learned about it. Having LiDAR as an available tool saves their clients significant time versus sending large teams into survey environments, which are often hazardous and undeveloped. Phoenix’s ability to combine LiDAR technology with cutting-edge UAV technology enables organizations to reduce the cost and liability of manned aircraft surveying by using drones that can carry powerful systems to conduct scans.

The Phoenix Software Suite helps clients estimate data quality based on flight parameters, view data acquisition during flight, and more, all with the goal to reduce errors and increase data accuracy.


RIEGL Partnership:

Phoenix LiDAR and RIEGL have a long-standing partnership, allowing for both companies to work together harmoniously to provide the best solutions to the market. Phoenix integrates RIEGL sensors with its own hardware and software to build custom LiDAR systems for its clients. In its research and development, Phoenix continuously tests industry LiDAR sensors for a balance of performance and price and, time and again, RIEGL sensors rank among the very best.

RIEGL sensors being regarded as some of the most accurate in the world, along with their name being well-known in the surveying and mapping markets, have provided numerous benefits to Phoenix LiDAR Systems’ clients. These benefits include data quality, low weight, long range, and high-density.

As the knowledge of LiDAR grows, the applications of the technology will expand exponentially. For some of their most demanding needs and LiDAR systems, Phoenix is pleased to continue working with RIEGL hardware, which continues to rank among the best in the industry.

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Rob Dannenberg-Chief Operating Officer, Phoenix LiDAR Systems

rdannenberg@phoenixlidar.com  253-221-1648

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