Boundaries and Beyond

From left to right: Johannes Riegl Jr., RIEGL USA; Jonathan Miranda, Foth; Joshua France, RIEGL USA; Ben Sullivan, Foth; Lee Budde, Foth

LiDAR News recently published an article by Jody Budde, PLS that highlights the technological benefits of when the Foth team began to utilize 3D scanning technologies for specialty projects over 11 years ago.

Learn how Foth’s decision in 2020 to purchase a RIEGL VMX-2HA high-speed, high-performance Dual Scanner Mobile Mapping System helped to further increase the efficiency of data collection and in-house data processing, which has ultimately provided clients with that “next-level” immersive deliverable.

Important business relationships are critical to Foth’s foundation. We are proud of being selected to provide Foth with our sensors and strive with best in class post-sale support, system calibration, and customer service to contribute to their firms continued success story!

To read the full article please click on the link below.

Boundaries and Beyond – LiDAR News

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