Editor Note: Dowe Gallagher has recently added the RIEGL VQ-1560i airborne LiDAR system  to their expanding LiDAR aerial survey offerings. This press release discusses it and their other new offerings.

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Dowe Gallagher Airborne Data Group (DGADG) recently added a new Textron
Cessna Caravan EX to its expanding LiDAR (Topographic and Bathymetric) aerial survey
offerings. The Caravan EX platform, equipped with the G1000 avionics package, brings added safety, dispatch reliability and fuel efficiency and is powered by the newest generation Pratt & Whitney PT-6A-140 867HP turboprop engine.

Dowe Gallagher Airplane Photo

“The dual port, multi sensor configuration of this new aircraft allows DGADG to acquire
multiple data sets (e.g. Lidar point cloud and RGBN multispectral data) during a single
collection mission. The FAA approved electrical system and camera port modifications
enables operation with a Normal Category Airworthiness certification, allowing seamless
approvals for a multitude of sensor configurations” says CEO Dwain Gadway.

DGADG Riegl VQ1560i & Workstation

DGADG recently added a new RIEGL VQ-1560i linear LiDAR sensor integrated with a Phase 1 iXU 1000, 50mm RGB camera. The combination of the Caravan EX workhorse and the industry leading RIEGL VQ-1560i sensor provides our customers with a wide range of standard setting point cloud resolutions. As part of its growth strategy, DGADG will continue to add additional aircraft and sensors to our airborne capabilities portfolio.





About Dowe Gallagher Airborne Data Group LLC: DGADG is the commercial arm of
DoD contractor Dowe Gallagher Aerospace (DGA). DGA owns and operates fixed wing aircraft in support of various US Government Agencies and the US Military. Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, DGA was founded in 2012 and continues its commitment to providing sensible, rapid deployable, cost effective ISR operational solutions.


Original Post: LiDAR News

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