Proving the Rescue Potential of Multi-Sensor UAVs


“Specially equipped unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or ‘drones’) have in the past been proposed for firefighting, for search missions, for delivery of rescue kits, and many other impressive tasks. There are high expectations of the use of drones for this type of work, and for obvious reasons: they can go where it would be too hazardous or even impossible for manned aircraft to go. This is one of the major arguments for UAV utilisation.”

GIM International is featuring an article on how multi-sensor UAVs are proving their potential for rescue missions and for venturing into disaster zones. The article discusses an experiment carried out with RIEGL LiDAR solutions and additional sensors to test how they can handle the complexity of emergency scenarios.

Check out the article and read more about the experiment here: Proving the Rescue Potential of Multi-sensor UAVs

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