ESP Associates, P.A. Using Their RIEGL VMX-1HA for Road Surveying in Louisiana


ESP Associates, P.A. took delivery of their RIEGL VMX-1HA high speed, high performance dual scanner mobile mapping system and immediately put it to work!

ESP took their scanner up to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to work on the LaDOTD 1-10 widening project with NTB Associates. Utilizing the VMX-1HA hardware and RIEGL software suite to scan and survey the roads allows the state of Louisiana to save money by reducing the number of crews needed, reduces the need for road closures as the crew can scan while driving at highway speeds, and increases safety for both the surveying crews, as well as the drivers on the road.

“The functionality and ability to see the data collected in RiACQUIRE makes managing the data capture of a large-scale project such as this one in Baton Rouge very easy.  My team was able to assess the project’s needs, see our coverage and review the records to ensure the completeness of the collection mission.  The new automated target detection functions in RiPROCESS ensures that tie objects are accurately placed, making point cloud registration much more streamlined.” said Ryan Swingley, P.S., Geospatial Manager with ESP Associates, P.A.

Check out some news features on ESP and the fantastic work they are doing out in Louisiana to make the roads easier to manage and safer to drive below with the VMX-1HA below!

DOTD Using Unique Method to Survey I-10 Before Widening Project Begins

Delays Expected Along I-10 as DOTD Begins LiDAR Scanning

DOTD to Begin LiDAR Scanning Along I-10

Check out ESP Associates’ website HERE and visit them on the following social media channels to see what else they’re up to!




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