RIEGL Helps Sam O. Hirota Develop Competitive Advantage

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Gene Roe from LiDAR News has done a fantastic write-up on Sam O. Hirota, Inc., their use of RIEGL laser scanning equipment, and how their use of RIEGL Smart-Waveform technology gives them a competitive advantage in the field.


Dr. Hirota explained, “When you purchase highly technical equipment that is sometimes in the early development phases, you evaluate as many of the current products as possible. A small company like ours cannot afford to make purchase mistakes. You need to have confidence in the quality of design, manufacture, software and maintenance.

All RIEGL hardware is designed and assembled to the highest possible quality and reliability standards.  The software is designed to be used specifically with the hardware.”  Dr. Hirota recalls, “On a visit to the RIEGL factory, I saw printed circuit boards being assembled, systems integrated and tested.  I knew that these were quality measurement products that would work in the field for a long time.”


Check out the full article over at LiDAR News!

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