RIEGL’s NEWEST Terrestrial Developments!

Released last week at INTERGEO 2017, RIEGL has launched their newest, innovative Waveform-LiDAR sensors in all of their segments!

This blogpost will focus on all of the new hardware and software developments in our terrestrial segment.




The newest hardware development for the RIEGL terrestrial segment announced at INTERGEO 2017 is the NEW RIEGL VZ-2000i long range, very high speed 3D terrestrial laser scanning system.

The RIEGL VZ-2000i combines proven user friendliness in the field with fast and accurate data acquisition. This is based on a future-oriented, innovative new processing architecture, internet connectivity, and RIEGL’s latest waveform processing LIDAR technology. This waveform processing technology enables such high speed, long range, high accuracy measurements even in poor visibility and demanding multi-target situations and delivers reliable data even in harsh environments like open-pit mining.

In software related news, also for this addition to the VZ-i Series, RIEGL announced the new and Automatic On-Board Registration as a key feature. Two on-board processors enable the scanner to perform different processes in real-time enabling automatic registration of the scan data already during acquisition in the field. RIEGL also released an app to remotely control their VZ-i series scanners from anywhere in the world. RiPANO software allows for fast and easy visualization of terrestrial laser scan projects where the user can explore 360° panorama views in their browser.

To learn more about these newest terrestrial hardware and software developments, please visit the RIEGL website at www.riegl.com!

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