NASA’s Successful Deployment of RIEGL Airborne Sensors- Award from Austrian Trade Chamber

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Orlando, Florida

February 28, 2017



RIEGL accepting the USA-Biz-Award at the residence of the Austrian general consul. From left: Dr. Rudolf Thaler, (Austrian Trade Commissioner in Los Angeles), Johannes Riegl, Jr. and My-Linh Truong (RIEGL), and Dr. Walter Koren (Head of Austrian Foreign Trade Organization). Photo Credit: Jim Lee


NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) have been successfully deploying various RIEGL airborne laser scanners and systems for a variety of earth science applications.

NASA JPL utilizes a RIEGL LMS-Q1560 dual LiDAR channel airborne laser scanning system to measure snowpack depth of major mountain watersheds more completely and accurately. Their use of the system allows them to better gauge the volume of water that travels down rivers and streams as runoff from snowpack. One of the ways they utilize the system is to measure the snow depths in the Sierra Nevada mountains to calculate the drinking water reserves in California, which allows water managers to better control and understand the water reservoir system.

NASA GSFC was selected for their G-LiHT (Goddard’s Lidar, Hyperspectral, & Thermal airborne imager) project, which uses two RIEGL VQ-480i LiDAR sensors in their airborne imager. The G-LiHT system is utilized for a variety of projects including estimation of forest biomass and carbon stocks in CONUS and Mexico, inventory of forests in interior Alaska, early detection of forest insect and disease outbreaks, nutrient and land-use interactions in tropical forests, and cross-calibration of NASA Earth Observing Satellites.


RIEGL is proud to announce that it was awarded the prestigious USA-Biz-Award 2017 by the Austrian Foreign Economic Chamber in the United States (Aussenwirtschaft Österreich) for their system’s utilization by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)!

The aim of the USA-Biz-Awards is to draw attention to the excellence of Austrian companies in the United States and to bring extraordinary and innovative companies to the red carpet and to the media spotlight. The award was presented at the residence of the Austrian general consul in Beverly Hills, held the same evening of the 89th Academy Awards.

We are thrilled to be the recipient of this award and to continue assisting NASA JPL and GSFC in their continuing endeavors!




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