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Laser scanning utilizing high-end unmanned airborne platforms provides the possibility to acquire data in dangerous and/or hard-to-reach areas, while offering an excellent cost-to-benefit-ratio for numerous applications, e.g., precision farming, forestry, and mining.

For years, RIEGL Airborne Laser Scanners have been successfully used in powerful unmanned airborne platforms. With the RIEGL VUX-1UAV, the ultimate survey-grade UAS/UAV airborne scanner, and the RiCOPTER, RIEGL‘s remotely piloted aircraft system for Unmanned Laser Scanning (ULS), RIEGL revolutionizes the commercial and civil market with its advanced systems providing first-class technique for this new dynamic topic.

RIEGL offers unmanned scanners and solution for various applications such as precision agriculture, topography in open-cast mining, terrain and canyon mapping, surveying of urban environments, archaeology and cultural heritage documentation, construction site monitoring, corridor mapping, power line mapping, railway track mapping, pipeline inspection, forestry, resource management, and target classification, amongst others.


Our unmanned solutions include (click on the links for more information):

RIEGL RiCOPTER UAS/UAV Laser Scanning System

RIEGL RiCOPTER with VUX-SYS UAS/UAV Laser Scanning System

RIEGL VUX-1UAV UAS/UAV Unmanned Laser Scanner

RIEGL VQ-480-U UAS/UAV Unmanned Laser Scanner



See videos of some of our unmanned solutions below!





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