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The new RIEGL VMQ-1HA High-Speed Single Scanner Mobile Mapping System, with one VUX-1HA scanner integrated, is an economically priced, lightweight system for the growing mobile mapping market.

Fully integrated into the measuring head of the system, the VUX-1HA sensor enables acquisition of dense point cloud patterns, even with single passes at typical traffic speeds and provides 1 million measurements and up to 250 scan lines per second. The optional integration of up to four cameras allows simultaneous acquisition of imagery to complement the captured LiDAR data.

The VMQ-1HA is well suited for various applications such as transportation infrastructure mapping, road surface measurements, city modeling, rapid capture of construction sites and bulk material, as-built surveying, a GIS mapping and asset management, as well as surveying in open pit mining.

RIEGL also launched the new VMX-1HA that comprises of two fully integrated VUX-1HA scanners. Combined with a further improved INS/GNSS unit, this turnkey mobile mapping system is ideally suited for challenging projects and engineering-grade surveying applications.

All components of the VMX-1HA system are housed under an aerodynamically shaped protective cover.  With 2 million measurements and 500 scan lines per second, the two simultaneously forward and backward looking scanners provide never-seen, feature-rich and accurate data at highway driving speeds.

The VMX-1HA is well suited for various applications such as transportation infrastructure mapping, rail mapping, road surface measurement, rapid capture of construction sites and bulk material, city modeling, open-pit mine surveying, GIS mapping and asset management, as well as as-built surveying.

The first customers in the United States for these systems are David Evans and Associates, a renowned surveying firm based in Portland, Oregon, who purchased the first VMQ-1HA and Surveying Solutions, Inc. (SSI), a professional surveying firm based in Michigan, who purchased the first VMX-1HA.

„When looking for a 2nd mobile laser scanning system to supplement our surveying and geomatics arsenal, David Evans and Associates, Inc. chose the RIEGL VMQ-1HA to assist with our client’s requirements on transportation, water, land development and energy projects. We were very impressed with the small size of RIEGL’s VMQ and the extraordinary data resolution that can be achieved from the VUX1-HA laser scanner and we know that our clients will be impressed as well.”, said Marcus Reedy, PLS Director of Surveying and Geomatics with David Evans and Associates.

 “Surveying Solutions, Inc. (SSI) is excited to announce the purchase of our second VMX Mobile LiDAR system. SSI’s acquisition of the new RIEGL VMX-1HA will aid in the expansion of SSI’s robust mapping portfolio. This acquisition allows SSI to continue to stay in the forefront on the mobile mapping market. The VMX dual scan head system provides, in our experience, the most accurate and complete data collection package on the market which allows SSI to provide accurate and reliable information to its clients. SSI has had an outstanding relationship with RIEGL since the purchase of our first VMX mobile system in 2011 and has pushed the limits of their equipment and software. Since then, RIEGL has responded with the VMX-1HA which is capable of over 2 million points per second, making it the premier Mobile LiDAR system on the market today. SSI is proud to add this system to its  mobile mapping operations.” said Andrew Semenchuk, President of Surveying Solutions, Inc.

Both mobile mapping systems, the VMQ-1HA and the VMX-1HA can be equipped with a wide range of optional camera systems, including 5- and 9-megapixel GigE vision cameras, high resolution DSLR cameras and the POINT GREY Ladybug5 spherical imaging system.

The new turnkey mobile mapping systems along with the RIEGL software packages provide a seamless workflow from data acquisition to delivery of highly accurate and extremely dense 3D point clouds.

“Mobile mapping is a rapidly growing application and these two advanced new mobile solutions are meeting the requirements of mobile mapping users in the future on point”, stated Harald Teufelsbauer, RIEGL Mobile Division.

Showcasing our Mobile Mapping Developments

Are you interested in experiencing the newest mobile mapping developments, the RIEGL VMQ-1HA and the VMX-1HA, live?

Our next showcases will be: AREMA, Innotrans and Intergeo. Join us at one of these events to learn more on the new RIEGL mobile mapping systems!


RIEGL‘s New Mobile Mapping System is Meeting Various Requirements for Mobile Laser Scanning

Original article here: RIEGL Website

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