Riegl LMS-Z210 involved in disaster assessment at Fukushima 1 in Japan


Since the great earthquake of Friday, March 11, 2011, and the disastrous tsunami that followed, RIEGL Austria has been closely observing the developments in Japan. The precarious situation at the nuclear power plants involved terrifies all of us.

At this very moment, we are concerned by the catastrophes that have taken place, and full of anxiety in view of danger yet ahead.

Mr. Teruo Sasaki, CEO RIEGL Japan, keeps us informed of the current situation on site, that is, in Tokyo, where RIEGL Japan is headquartered. We pay our greatest respect to him, his family and his team – as to all Japanese people– for their calm and sobriety in managing this extremely demanding situation.

Today Mr. Sasaki informed us that also a disaster monitoring robot equipped with a RIEGL LMS-Z210 Laser Scanner is working at the dangerous area of Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant to provide the necessary information for a better overview of the situation and to support further important decisions. An appropriate article is to be found at the ASAHI newspaper company’s website. The robotic vehicle belongs to Nuclear Safety Technology Center, http://www.nustec.or.jp/
We are excited that our laser scanner can assist the brave remaining technicians at Fukushima in executing their important and substantial work knowing that on their success the fortune of so many will be decided.

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