RIEGL’s Latest Integrated Airborne and Mobile Software Suite is Fast, Cost Effective and Extremely User Friendly

Riegl USA is proud to announce the latest features for the RIEGL Software Suite.  This all inclusive software suite is fast, cost effective, and extremely user friendly. Thus no other third party software is required to produce accurate geo-referenced point clouds for LiDAR with RIEGL equipment.

 Please see the exciting upgrades that have been made in the following Riegl Software Suites:


 The RIEGL RiACQUIRE software allows for real time data monitoring and recording of LiDAR data, image and trajectory.

 The main features are:

 Controlling RIEGL Airborne and Mobile Laser Scanners

  • Supporting IMU/GPS Systems
  • System Status Feedback for Fast Recognition by the Operator
  • Configuring System Parameters
  • Operational Data Acquisition
    system status and navigation information, visualization of on-line data
  • Verification and Testing of
    cabling, communication & configuration
  • System Integration
    configuration of system components, definition of interfaces

The latest upgrades are:

  • Improved real-time data visualization
  • Improved stability
  • Auto logging on/off for Riegl LiDAR scanners controlled by Applanix POS Track flight management software


The RIEGL RiPROCESS software is the shell that enables perfectly calibrated LiDAR point cloud data to be delivered for the airborne and mobile data processing user.

Main Features:

  • Project-oriented managing tool for processing of RIEGL airborne- and mobile laser scanner data
  • Utilizing RiANALYZE and RiWORLD in remote control mode
  • System calibration and scan data adjustment based on matching data acquired on flat objects
  • Statistical analysis of data matching quality; comparison of laser data to surveyed reference objects
  • Interface to further post-processing tools via LAS, Terrasolid, and ASCII data exchange
  • Operation in a multiple-workstation environment enhancing data post-processing throughput by parallel computing

 The latest upgrades are:

  • The integrated boresight algorithm provides for faster and more accurate planar surface matching which checks overall system component calibration resulting in correct data alignment in the raw data and scan data adjustment.
  • Improved and more user friendly work flows, views, RGB and colorization methods
  • Improved processing of integrated camera systems and GPS-IMU Systems


 The RIEGL RiANALYZE software allows the LiDAR user to extract and digitize the targets from full waveform pulse returns.

 The main features are:

 Target detection and target parameter estimation by means of Full Waveform Analysis

  • Different analysis algorithms available with configurable parameters
  • Extraction of an unlimited number of targets per emitted laser pulse
  • Coordinate transformation into the well-defined Scanner’s Own Coordinate System
  • Smooth integration into RiPROCESS
  • Point cloud with additional target descriptors
  • First, second, …, last target indication
  • Pulse width and pulse amplitude
  • Time stamp (UTC, GPS)
  • Different data output formats for a variety of post-processing software packages

   The latest upgrades are:

  •  Automated MTA zone detection
  • Advanced time stamp correction of data (UTC, GPS)


 The RIEGL RiWORLD software combines LiDAR and trajectory data that produces real world point clouds.

The main features are:

 Transformation of laser data into the coordinate system of the position and orientation data set

  • Provides information for subsequent transformation into a local, leveled, north-east-aligned coordinate system for accurate visualization
  • Processes a large number of files for unattended operation in batch mode
  • Provides different data output formats including LAS format
  • Smooth integration into RiPROCESS
  • Makes use of geometrical system description and calibration information
  • Supports different formats of position and orientation data
  • Compatible with different definitions of the navigation frames

The latest upgrades are:

  • Improved performance
  • GeoSys Manager
  • Fully LAS file format 1.2 compliant

RIEGL GEOSys Manager Utility 1.2.1

RIEGL GEOSys Manager is a LiDAR data management tool for coordinate systems and projections.


The latest upgrades are: 

  • Simpler more user friendly format
  • Supports the EPSG geodetic data set
  • Support for Lambert Conformal, Transverse Mercator and Oblique Mercator projections
  • Native implementation of GeoID-09
  • Customizable projections ellipsoids and transformation perimeters
  • Native implementation of all NAD 83 state plane coordinate systems
  • Integrated geodetic calculator
  • No need to leave your workflow



RIEGL POF-Import is a trajectory conversion utility for LiDAR processing.


The latest upgrades are: 

  • Allows for multiple types of trajectory files
  • Allows for importing quality information about the trajectory. 
  • Improved analysis of the LiDAR accuracy based on trajectory quality

 We are pleased to offer this upgraded software suite.  For more information please contact us at info@rieglusa.com

 About Riegl USA

The key factor to Riegl USA’s success is the full service experience offered to our customers, from your initial purchase, integration of the system, training and support Riegl USA stands out as an industry leader.

Riegl USA located in Orlando, FL, is the North American office for Riegl Laser Measurement Systems, GmbH, with headquarters in Horn, Austria.  With over 32 years experience in the research, development and manufacturer of time-of-flight based optical radar systems.  Our products are used for tripod, airborne survey, industrial process control, altimetry, aerospace, mobile, hydrographic and bathymetric applications.

Riegl USA is recognized as the performance leader in the civil infrastructure, airborne scanning, mobile mapping, hydrographic, mining and terrestrial based industries.  Our instruments are well known for their ruggedness and reliability under demanding environmental conditions.  Riegl’s various 3D scanners offer a wide array of performance characteristics and serve as a platform for continuing “Innovation in 3D” for the laser scanning business.

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