Riegl Unveils New VMX Lidar Mobile Scanning System

InterGeo, Karlsruhe, Germany: Riegl unveiled its new mobile lidar scanning system the VMX-250 to over 16,000 attendees. The new system’s ability to collect accurate and precise data at highway speeds provides unparalleled safety and significnullantly reduced project times.

The VMX-250 mobile scanning system consists of two VQ-250 scanners on a mounted platform accompanied by a GPS-INS, and up to 8 digital cameras or video equipment. Accommodating multiple cameras ensures a 360 degree field of view. Most standard station wagons or off-road vehicles can be optimized for easy installation and the scanners are powered directly from the car’s battery. Data acquisition is operator controlled using a standard laptop. The system was designed with the user in mind– set up is fast, easy and safe!

At 600,000 measurements per second, the VMX-250 mobile scanning system allows surveyors to capture highly accurate and high resolution dynamic 3D data at highway speeds. The ability to travel at high speeds significantly increases safety for all applications, including mapping of highways, railroads and waterways as well as extended urban area, construction sites and open pit mines. The speed also contributes to a significant reduction in project time. Traditionally mobile scanning of a 10-mile road was dangerous and took up to ten weeks, from data acquisition to post processing. The new VMX-250 is capable of completing a 10-mile project in a matter of hours.

The cutting edge echo digitization technology, used in the VMX-250 mobile lidar scanning system, penetrates foliage, fences and other obstacles. The system’s online waveform technology allows for more than 10 measurements per laser shot. The combination of these technologies results in laser precision of 1cm or better and accuracy 3cm or better.

The combination of scanning and inertial navigation hardware can be applied to transportation infrastructure and city modeling projects. 3D data collection has been used for navigation systems, network planning and security. Riegl’s RiAcquire, RiProcess and RiWorld software provide seamless processing of data from acquisition to system calibration, geo-referencing and pre-processing.

Today Riegl is recognized as the performance leader in the markets we serve. Riegl Systems, including the new VMX-250, are well known for their ruggedness and reliability under demanding environmental conditions. All of Riegl’s lasers use a class one eye-safe invisible beam and will not distract motorists during the day or night.

For more information about the VMX-250 mobile scanning system visit www.rieglusa.com or contact us at info@rieglusa.com

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