Latest News About Riegl’s VZ-400

The month of March brought more great news about the VZ-400’scapabilities.  A report released late last month gives an overview of the excellent results acquired with the new RIEGL VZ-400 3D terrestrial scanner (it can also be used for mobile scanning). I have included some excerpts from the new VZ-400 report here.  If you would like more information, don’t hesitate to Contact Riegl USA

The calibrated amplitude (intensity) reading

Traditionally scanners provided amplitude readings for measurements as numbers, without specifying the physical meaning of the number.  The VZ-400 provides an amplitude for every target echo.  The amplitude is actually defined as a ratio of the actual detected optical amplitude of the echo pulse versus detection threshold.

For the first time, the “calibrated reflectivity” capability

The V-Line introduces some measurement of the laser radar cross-section by providing a so called reflectivity value for each target echo.  The reflectivity value gives the ratio of the actual optical amplitude versus the optical amplitude of a diffuse white target at the same range.

In a visual representation, where each point of a point cloud has assigned a brightness according to the reflectivity, objects with the same reflectivity have the same brightness regardless of the distance to the scanner. This gives a natural impression and increases potential for object recognition.

Time-optimized fine-scans

The program “reflector scan” with 300KHz pulse repetition rate and low laser output opens the doors to flat, eye-safe scanning of retro reflectors for registration purposes.

The VZ-400 automatically selects the best suited measurement program for performing a reflector scan.  Usually, this will be the “reflector scan” program for targets made from retro-reflective material in the range of up to 150 m to minimize acquisition time.

The superior ranging precision

The VZ-400 shows high precision, due to low noise. Exceptional results are observed even in critical measurement situations. 

Details on the multiple target capacity

The VZ-400 provides up to 3 targets in the “high speed” program and up to 9 targets in the “long range” program.

There is a lot more information where this came from. Once again, if you want to know, just ask.

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