Riegl company profile recently featured in POB Magazine

Riegl is recognized as the performance leader in the mining, industrial process control, civil infrastructure and mobile mapping industries. Riegl’s 3D terrestrial laser scanning business is based on the company’s 30 year heritage in the research development and manufacturing of time-of-flight-based optical radar systems. The company’s products are used for ground-based and airborne survey, industrial process control, altimetry, and aerospace applications

Riegl offers the ability to combine the terrestrial operation of the scanners with the dynamic mobile mapping typically found in more expensive integrated platforms. Riegl focuses on pulsed time-of-flight laser radar technology in several wavelengths. The company is at the forefront of commercialization of all the digital full-waveform laser scanners.

The variety of 3D scanners offered by Riegl possesses an array of performance characteristics and serves as a platform for continuing innovation in the 3D laser scanning business.

In 2008, Riegl demonstrated its dedication to continuing innovation in this industry when it released its new V-line laser scanners. The VZ-400, a terrestrial scanner that operates at the remarkable rate of 125,000 measurements per second, is the world’s fastest and lightest time-of flight 3D laser scanner. The full waveform technology integrated into the VZ-400 and its airborne cousin, the VQ-480, allows for penetration of even the densest foliage.

Another of Riegl’s innovations in the 3D laser scanning industry is the company’s safe and efficient field system. Riegl has simplified the process of acquiring data into five simple steps. The system is easily mounted at the optimum height on a pickup the operator never having to leave the vehicle. Once data is acquired, it is process in a familiar CAD environment directly into MicroStation.

All of Riegl’s scanners use and invisible beam that will not distract motorists, workers or pedestrians. The invisible beams in combination with other safety features, the laser scanners meet OSHA regulations for workplace safety as well as ANSI Class 1 eye-safe requirements.

Riegl Laser Measurement Systems GMbH is headquartered in Horn, Austria, with offices in Orlando, FL, and Tokyo, Japan. The company offers worldwide training and support with a network of representatives in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Australia and Africa

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